Membership Benefits

Any government entity (city, county, town, school or other special districts) of the State of Colorado may join the CCUA. As a member of the CCUA, your jurisdiction receives resources and expertise in the areas of public policy development, legislation, education, technology and programming.

Formal and Informal Advocacy

CCUA actively represents its members in council chambers, legislative halls, with local and state legislators, and at the table with company representatives of service providers. In collaboration with the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA), the CCUA participates in federal matters impacting the interests of local governments.

Nationally Recognized Legal Counsel and Representation

CCUA is represented by Kissinger & Fellman, P.C. The firm’s attorneys have expertise in government, telecommunications, utilities and are highly respected as advisors on these issues at the municipal, state, and federal level, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All member communities are provided a set amount of legal advice on individual member matters related to communications as part of their CCUA dues.

Model Agreements and Guides

The CCUA works with members of industry to create model agreements related to rights-of-way, cable television franchises, small cell siting and others. These model agreements can be used as a starting point in negotiations, this saves money and staff time since you don’t have to start from scratch. In addition the CCUA produces best practice guidebooks when our members face similar issues. These can range on items like social media to closed captioning requirements for PEG channels.


CCUA members are provided with valuable information through monthly board meetings, email communication, and education conferences. Members are provided with timely information related to policy, legislative and regulatory action, and new technology innovations so that members can make swift decisions to address time sensitive issues that may impact their communities.

Connected Colorado Programming

Members of the CCUA are provided with free, regional programming to broadcast on their local government access channels and government websites. These programs are of regional interest and typically address important topics that might otherwise not be fully explored by the local broadcast media. All Connected Colorado programming is produced by member communities.


Through monthly board meetings, committee work, and conferences, members are afforded the opportunity to exchange information, share ideas, and address challenges with colleagues of various communities.

The CCUA encourages cities, towns, counties, school and other special districts in Colorado to contact us for more information about becoming a member.

Annual Membership Dues

Population  Dues
Under 12,500  $550
Under 25K  $1,100
Under 50K  $2,200
Under 100K  $3,300
Under 150K  $4,400
Under 300K  $5,250
Under 500K  $7,875
500K+  $10,500
Associate (non-voting)  $1,250