NATOA Chapter of the year – 2014 and 2016

Board Members

Randy Simpson


Randy Simpson is the Television & Cable Services Supervisor for the city of Aurora where he has worked for over 30 years.  His professional experience covers all facets of television production, from videography and editing to writing and producing.  He also is responsible for cable channel management, managing web-based video delivery services, and cable franchise administration.  He has previously served as the Vice President of the CCUA (2006-2013), and was actively involved in its predecessor organization, the Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium for several decades. Randy has served on many key committees of the CCUA over the years, including developing and negotiating model cable franchise agreements, developing customer services standards for cable franchises, and the assisting with the statewide CBCcon Communications & Broadband Conference.  Randy is a proud Colorado native and holds degrees from both the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State University. 

​Contact:, 303-739-6605

Rick Assmus

Vice President

Rick Assmus is the Media Services Manager for the City of Arvada. He oversees the day-to-day operations of Arvada8, the photography services and the social media sites for the city. He graduated with an associate degree in cartography, not to be confused with videography! He previously was CCUA programming chair, coordinating the Colorado Connected show, has been active on numerous committee’s for the CCUA and has been involved as a member of the Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium (GMTC ) and the CCUA for the last 14 years. He is completing 26 years with the City of Arvada.

Contact:, 720-898-7523

Todd Barnes

Past President

Todd Barnes is the Communications Director for the City of Thornton, and was President of the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance (CCUA) from 2010-TK. He is also the Chair for the Colorado Municipal League’s Communications Managers section and on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA). The CCUA represents 40 local governments in Colorado that serve about 2.4 million Coloradans. Todd has been with Thornton since 2001 and been an active member of the CCUA and its predecessor organization the Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium since that time. In Thornton, Todd deals with franchising issues related to telecommunications and broadband as well as community outreach, emergency communications and marketing.

Working with CCUA legal counsel as well as other board members, Todd has participated in the negotiating and crafting of model franchise agreements for video services in Colorado. Todd has been active in legislative efforts at the state capital and is always working to ensure local governments maintain control of the decisions associated with the uses of Rights of Way in our communities. Working with the PEG/Connected Colorado committee for CCUA, as well as the video production staffs for several CCUA communities, Todd has helped the CCUA provide the Connected Colorado video program to local government Channel 8’s. Prior to working in city government, Todd had a career working in the Denver news media and as a show producer for several major cable-TV networks.

Todd graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism/Communications. A Colorado native, Todd has lived in Arvada, Golden, Erie and Westminster.

Contact:, 303-538-7279.

Kit Lammers


Kit is the communications manager for the City of Lakewood and has been involved with CCUA/GMTC since the late 1990s. He previously served as the CCUA programming chair, coordinating the Colorado Connected show. During his time with the organization, he has been involved in several committees and projects to help our members protect local control and customer service standards. For Lakewood, Kit oversees the cable franchise and is involved with telecommunications and broadband issues.

Contact:, 303-987-7129.

Bob Pearce

Assistant Secretary

Bob Pearce is the Media Production Specialist for the City of Golden, where he has worked since 2010. Prior to entering municipal government, Bob spent 25 years as a television photojournalist in Louisiana and Colorado. Bob’s duties for the City of Golden includes producing content for the city’s PEG channel,, producing video projects for public and in house use, and keeping the citizen’s informed through Golden’s various social media outlets. Bob is the winner of multiple broadcast news, photography, and editing awards, including 2 Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow Award.

Contact:, 303-277-8729

Julie Martinez


As Director of Denver Media Services for the City & County of Denver, Julie Martinez provides strategic oversight of the Mile High City’s specialized video creation and delivery efforts. Julie works with her team and city partners to provide residents and stakeholders original programming and video-development services, support government transparency initiatives, and build up the agency’s reputation as the “great video creators” of informative content. Additionally, Julie provides oversight of the City’s Public and Education Access TV contracted services.

Contact:, 720-865-2302

Alan DeLollis

Assistant Treasurer

Alan DeLollis is currently the Products and Services Manager for Denver Media Services/Denver8 TV, Denver’s municipal access operation. He has been an active video professional – from production to channel manager – since the advent of cable TV.  During his tenure he has forged a strong working relationship with local and national organizations that partner with jurisdictions in keeping media access a valuable asset to our communities.

Contact:, 303-865-2308