About CCUA

The Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance (CCUA) was formed as a Colorado nonprofit corporation in 2012, but its members have been working together in a similar capacity since 1992.  Prior to its 2012 conversion, the CCUA  members were part of the Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium (GMTC). The GMTC was a nationally recognized government entity comprised of cities and counties in Colorado who collaboratively protected the interests of their communities in all matters related to local telecommunications issues.

Today the CCUA continues this work in areas such as:

  • Telecommunications law and policy
  • Cable franchising and regulation
  • Zoning of wireless communications facilities
  • Broadband network deployment
  • Public safety communications
  • New technology initiatives and advancements
  • Rights-of-way management
  • Operation of government access channels
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“Protection of the public’s interest in all matters of concern related to local telecommunications and utility issues.”